Panzer Blitz

A new turn-based World War II wargame that takes place on the Eastern Front.

Ideal pixel bitmap art allows for an instant appraisal of the situation on the battlefield without any possible confusion, unlike a lot of current wargames which try too hard to make things look as appealing as possible at the expense of clarity.

We hope you can appreciate that pretty graphics are often misleading and that gameplay comes first.

Online multiplayer is planned and hopefully we can implement a list of Servers hosting battles where each player can control a division and issue his orders within a certain timeframe on a turn-by-turn basis. We also plan on allowing players to go up in rank and privileges such as deciding where less experienced players must direct their efforts.

Check out the blog to find out more about the latest developments in making this exciting game.

Requirements :

Windows XP, 7
Any 64 MB graphics card
Sound card
Mouse and keyboard

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